Christianity And Holocaust

Christianity And Holocaust As a Jew, I agree with the statement If the time was ever ripe for Christians to finally abandon their age-old obsession with converting Jews, that time is now. I think its way to late for Christians to try and convert Jews. I think these obsessed people missed their chance long ago. I believe this because for thousands of years Jews have been persecuted. In the article it says that the Jews were considered demons. The article also states that Jews were supposed to be homeless and wander forever.

But now the Jews have their own homeland, Israel. Before Israel was pronounced a Jewish state would have been a better time for these obsessed Christians to attempt to convert the Jews. But now there is no chance because Israel is such a strong country. The people that live in Israel are also very proud Jews and would most likely fight until the end for their beliefs. If the Jews were to all of a sudden convert then they’d be doing Hitler’s job. I believe this would be terrible.

I can understand a person changing their religion because of an outer religion marriage, but definitely not because some Christians wanted them to convert. At this present time Jews aren’t being oppressed like they were in the past. So under no pressure I can’t see any circumstances why a Jew would convert. I also ask the question, how could any Jew convert to become Christian when the Christians were responsible for killing millions of Jews in the Holocaust? According to the article, Luther who is an anti-Semitic said, Jews should all convert to Christianity. But how would this change his views of the people who converted. These people were born Jews and will always be Jewish.

He wrote a book called Of the Jews and their lies. If the Jews converted they’d be lying even more. This is because they’d be hiding from their original beliefs and customs pretending that they were Christian. When their children ask them what their ancestors were they’d have to lie and say, Christian. This would be the ultimate lie, especially for an orthodox Jew.

After brutal comments coming from Christian anti-Semites makes it even harder for Jews to want to convert. Jews have overcome all these atrocities which have been inflicted by Christians. Why would they give in to the Christians who have committed all the crimes. I also picked up in the article that without Jews the Christians would have no direct way to God. I also think there couldn’t be Christians without Jews. Its says yet for us to cease to be Jews, Fackenheim writes would be to abandon our millennial post as witnesses to the God of our history.

This is a strong statement which will make Jews proud to be Jews. Jews have survived many treacherous occasions. Some may say it’s just as easy as converting but it’s Religion.