Justice For All

.. aum, 2). While social groups act with and against one another, they also think with and against one another. It is human nature for people to bond more closely when a crisis arises. When Connerly went public, minorities all across the country thought of him as a traitor.

People tend to think of themselves as hard working individuals. Connerly made this thought more prevalent in peoples minds. He brought to the surface many feelings of old mentalities to minorities. Old ways of thinking such as racial discrimination for jobs. It has taken minorities many years to win the confidence and respect of non-minorities and Connerly made people think back to hard times.

Social groups also think against one another because of competition. There is a great competition for jobs, educational opportunities, and contracts between minorities. Everyone is out for self. If given the opportunity, people will make other look bad to give them a boost. In this particular case, the social groups hurt their own chances by not thinking together and coming up with a game plan. The minorities did not work together. Women had their own agenda, while Latinos had theirs.

No one worked together as a collective group to help end this proposition. African-Americans called the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who lives in a different state, to help them. He has clout in Washington D.C., but the decision was being made in California. People act in accordance with the position of the groups to which they are members. Minorities are very hostile to non-minorities who are in competition with them for contracts, jobs, and educational opportunities.

They understand the fact that through Affirmative Action the government is trying to give them an equal chance for success. Also, minorities understand that non-minorities are upset and jealous over the preferential treatment given to minorities. Minorities tend to act on the defensive and they try to make sure that certain policies such as Proposition 209 stay in place for the future generations. They also try to help society understand the inherited situation of minorities. This is done through events such as Black History Month and other cultural events. Many minority groups have heightened cultural awareness. Groups ten to act in a certain way.

It has taken many years but African-Americans have tried to disprove the stigma of the character that they are loud, defiant, and lazy. Minorities, especially African-Americans and women, have tried to dispel those myths. They strive by trying to change the mindset of people and also by educating the younger generations on what is appropriate and how to help themselves. Connerly does not strive in accordance with the character and position of the group in which he belongs. He is trying to change the surrounding world, but against his group. Connerly has a false consciousness towards Affirmative Action.

He has taken the position that everyone loses with the program. The direction of this will to maintain produces problems for minorities. Sometimes they are seen as stepping out of line or taking advantage of the system. This is Connerlys view of Affirmative Action. Connerly believes that colleges teach segregation by allowing ethnic ceremonies at graduation and by letting racial groups live (as a collective group) on the same floors in the dormitories (Lynch, 8). It is his perception that when African-American students get out of school, they will have been so sheltered by segregating themselves they will not know how to deal with white America in the outside (business) world. His mentality is African-Americans are always looking for a handout. They have separated themselves so long that they expect other races to treat them the same.

It is sad that the opinion the Connerly takes is that Affirmative Action is only hurting African-Americans. The concepts that Affirmative Action produces for African-Americans is a more equal chance than before of getting the best jobs, contracts, and educational opportunities. African-Americans have formed the thought that equality can only be made through justice. Justice in this case is the Affirmative Action Program. Since their ancestors did not have an equal opportunity, they want to make sure that they and the next generations have a better opportunity. The crisis of supporters of anti-Affirmative Action is causing disorder in many states in the country. The problem is how can opposers of Affirmative Action believe that the program is going to make the racial situation better in America? Human nature allows us to have a dominant group. The dominant group in our culture has always been white males.

Since the time when our country was first founded, white males have been the primary focus. African-Americans, Indians, and women have been downplayed as being by-standers during every major historical event. Minorities in the culture were seen as people who just did not need to succeed. They were there to assist the white males in society. During the Civil Rights Era, the government realized that minorities would never make it in society if they were not given a more equal chance.

This brought about the Affirmative Action Program. It is hard to believe that an African-American male is leading this group of opposers to Affirmative Action. He should understand clearer than almost anyone about the hardships that African-American males face. The fact that he denies that Affirmative Action has never helped him in his life is troublesome. Ward Connerly is leading a group to end Affirmative Action.

He and his followers believe that Affirmative Action is bad and should be ended. They feel it is doing the opposite effect than what it was designed to do. Connerly believes it is making minorities expect a handout or helping hand because they are a minority instead of because it is needed. He feels African-Americans, in particular, have become lazy and dependent not self-sufficient like Affirmative Action was intended. The future of the country depends on programs like Affirmative Action. If they cease to exist, society will become more one sided than ever.

I am hopeful that Connerly is not successful. It is hard enough now for minorities to get jobs. It was even tougher for them thirty years ago. But if the program is gone totally, getting jobs will be more difficult than ever. Connerly believes race should not matter, but he has not had to go look for a job in the last twenty years. Society needs programs like Affirmative Action and minorities are not going to let one man hold them back.

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